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Creating new stock alerts
Creating new stock alerts

Stock alerts are a great way to keep track of product stock levels and notify customers when the stock of certain products is running low.

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Wat are stock alerts?

Stock alerts are daily notifications that warn you about low stock. These stock thresholds can be set per product and once the stock falls below the desired threshold, you will receive a stock notification. You receive these notifications daily via email and fulfilment customers also receive an email of the products linked to their account. As a fulfilment party, you will not receive emails of alerts on products of fulfilment customers.

How do i create a new alert?

  1. Navigate to the product you want to receive alerts for and open the product preferences by clicking in Edit product.

  2. Scroll down to the section Stock alerts

  3. Click on the Add alert button. A new alert line should have been added to the list. it should look a bit like this:

  4. Select the appropriate urgency for the alert.

    We recommend using "Info" if you want to receive updates on the inventory when it falls below a certain threshold. "Warning" when the threshold is low enough to purchase new inventory, and an "Urgent" notification if the inventory is too low for a week's worth of continuous supply.

  5. Fill in the stock threshold. When the inventory falls below this number, you will receive a notification.

  6. Click Save. Congratulations ๐ŸŽ‰, you have added a stock alert!

I temporarily don't want to receive a stock alert.

  1. Go to the relevant product page.

  2. Click on Edit product

  3. Scroll down to the Stock alerts section and find the right inventory alert.

  4. Toggle the switch off and click Save.

    1. The switch should look like this:

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