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Login as another user
Login as another user

Sometimes it is helpful to log in as if you are a customer in order to better assist them from their perspective.

Updated over a week ago

Working from the customer's perspective can sometimes require certain actions to be performed a little differently. How can you avoid this problem when answering a question or showing a new customer how their account works?

We have built a clever trick to be able to log in as a customer without having to know their login credentials. (Note: This action is only available for accounts with superuser rights.)

How can i login as another user?

  1. Go to Settings > Users

    You should be able to see this table

    You should be able to see this table

  2. Then click on the "Impersonate" button next to the user whose account you want to log in as.

  3. 🎉 You are now logged in as another user and will be redirected to the dashboard.

How do i log out again?

  1. Click on the user profile picture in the upper right corner of your screen. You should see a popup with a few options.

  2. Then click on the "Stop impersonating" option.

  3. 🎉 You are now logged back into your own account and redirected to the Settings > Users page.

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